My Client Closet

What is a client wardrobe?

A client wardrobe is a curated collection of outfits that I have picked specifically to help my clients look amazing for their family session- or any session really! You just let me know what you’d like to borrow, use it for your session, and then return it! Think of it like REDBOX, but instead of renting movies, you’re renting a beautiful dress!

What sizes do you have?

I am proud to offer sizes XS through 2XL for my girls!

Wait, so I’m going to save money?

Yes! I you read that correct! By borrowing just one outfit, you can save your family a ton of dough!

So I just pick something out, wear it for my pictures, and give it back?

Yeah girl! It’s that simple! We all seem to only wear our dresses only once or twice for big events anyway, so why not save your parents or yourself a little cash and just borrow a cute outfit?

I’m always curating and updating my client wardrobe, accepting donations for my client wardrobe, and praying my husband doesn’t think I’m turning our guest bedroom closet into a hoarding room. (Sorry honey!). Please let me know if you’d like to borrow anything for your family session!