I just love having my photographs taken for 10 hours’…..said no wedding couple EVER! Don’t worry, I completely get it and I’m the same. I moan at my husband that I am never in photographs (because I am always taking them) but then when he takes one, I’m like ‘Urgghh what did you take that for? Delete it quick’. Poor guy! 

Seriously though, the thought of having a photographer at your wedding can actually be unsettling for some people and it’s easy to understand why. That’s why it is so important to have the right photographer for you. The right one can be the difference between feeling awkward and looking stiff in your pictures or looking back at great pictures that capture happy, fun memories having not even given the photographer a second thought! 

Being a good wedding photographer is so much more than taking great pictures. It’s about understanding what your couples want, what they are worried about and making their worries go away. We get the best seat in the house, all day! We’re there as you get ready with your best friends that you’ve known since primary school, we’re close enough to hear your whispers to each other during the ceremony and we get to sneak you off away from everyone else in the first moments of your life together as a married couple! That’s huge. Imagine sharing those moments with someone that you feel uncomfortable with and feeling that you want to rush past those bits to get them over with? That would be horrible!

I want to ‘get’ you and it’s so important to me that I am your sort of person and you ‘get’ me too.